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Custom Pawlitical Digital Campaign Sign

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I know a lot of people are sick of hearing about politics. But here’s the thing: So much is riding on the upcoming elections. We can’t ignore it. The time to raise awareness is now.

In my home state of Pennsylvania, there are two really important races: the race for Governor and the race for Senate. People’s rights are on the line. Depending on who wins these elections, people’s rights could get taken away.

Inspired by these important PA races, a while back I started creating free “Democats for Fetterman” digital campaign signs for other John Fetterman supporters, who are fellow cat owners that I met through Manny’s Twitter account. Each custom sign included their county name and a photo of their cat.

Now I’m bringing this project nationwide. I’m opening up orders for custom digital signs featuring your pets, supporting any politician in any US state.

For $5, I will make you a custom digital campaign sign that you can use on social media and online to show support for your favorite candidate. Your sign can have up to two pets on it, and you can choose a cat-themed sign or a dog-themed sign.

PENNSYLVANIA PEOPLE: This sign will be FREE to anyone who wants a sign supporting John Fetterman or Josh Shapiro. I started these signs for free on Twitter, and signs supporting these candidates will stay free! It’s my gift to my fellow Pennsylvanians, and I hope you will plaster your signs all over social media and let people know what’s at stake in this election. For a free sign supporting Fetterman, use code FETTERCAT at checkout. For a free sign supporting Shapiro, use code SHAPURRO at checkout.

So you wanna order a sign? Here’s how it works:

  • Place your order
  • Once your order is placed, you’ll be given a link to a quick and easy form to fill out the customizations for your sign
  • Once I have your completed form, I will begin working on your sign and will email it to you within 3 business days
  • Files will be delivered as JPGs. They are suitable for digital use. They may not be suitable for printing.

On the form, you’ll be able to tell me how to customize your sign.

  • Sign color: Blue or red
  • What county or state you want to have listed on your sign
  • The last name of the politician you want to have listed on your sign
  • What you want your pet to be called (cats can be Democat, Republicat, or Cat; dogs can be called Doggocrat, Republidog, or Dog)
  • You can upload a photo of your pet for the sign—I can include up to 2 pets per sign. The clearer your photos are, the better your sign will turn out.

Please review your form before submitting it. I will be typing in county/state name, etc., exactly as you typed them on the form and am not responsible for any errors you may have made on your form.

Those of you who have been following me for a long time likely know how I lean politically. You may be wondering, “Nikki, are you really okay with making signs that support politicians who want to take rights away from others?”

That’s a good question, and I have a good answer. For every $5 sign I sell, I’m giving $1 to the National Network of Abortion Funds. Because of this, I assume that the majority of folks who support candidates who want to take rights away from people probably won’t want to buy a sign from me.

Please note: You can only purchase one sign per order. So for example, if you want a Shapiro sign, place that order and fill out that form. Then do a second order for a Fetterman sign and fill out that form.

The fine print:

Manny Halloween Cat, Cat Lady Academy, and any products they create are not affiliated with or sponsored by any candidate.

By providing Cat Lady Academy/Manny Halloween Cat with your pet’s photo(s), you are granting Cat Lady Academy/Manny Halloween Cat the use of these photos to create your sign(s). Cat Lady Academy/Manny Halloween Cat retain the right to share any completed signs that they have created for marketing and promotional purposes online and in print media.

Don’t fur-get to follow Manny Halloween Cat on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, and Cat Lady Academy on Instagram!

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Custom Pawlitical Digital Campaign Sign

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