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Cat bikini

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After seeing Manny’s adorable—and dare we say ICONIC—cat bikini videos on Instagram and TikTok, so many fellow cat owners have been asking us where they can get a bikini for their cat, too.

Good news: Now you can get one right here!

These cat bikinis are the exact style that Manny was wearing in his videos. They are one-size-fits-most, and are crochet-style with 8 little covers for the kittynips.

Each cat bikini comes with a free sticker—of Manny wearing his own cat bikini!—and ships free.

Want one? Act fast! We only have 11 for sale, and we expect them to sell out quickly.

We currently have three color options to choose from: red, green, and pink. You can see how the red and green bikinis look on Manny.

Please note: These bikinis don’t come with bottoms. In the photos of Manny wearing the red bikini, since he only 6 kittynips on his belly, we cut the bottom 2 kittynip covers off the bikini and fashioned them into a “bikini bottom” for him. Or you can always just let kitty go commando (as Manny’s doing when he wears the green cat bikini)!

Shipping information

Apologies to our international friends, but for the time being, we can only ship cat bikinis within the United States. However, you can get cat bikini stickers (featuring Manny) here—they ship worldwide!

Cat bikini orders will be shipped via USPS and you will receive a tracking number once your order ships.

Tips for using your cat bikini

Safety first! The cat bikini is an accessory to wear, not a toy to play with. Always supervise your cat when you have the bikini out of the package, and don’t allow them to chew or ingest it.

One size fits most. If you have a large-framed kitty like Manny, draping the bikini on your cat can help them be more comfortable. If you have a smaller kitty—and they’re cool with things being tied on them—you can likely tie it on them.

Be patient. If your cat isn’t used to wearing accessories, it may take a few tries—maybe even a few treats—to get them comfortable with it. That’s okay! Be patient with your kitty, give it time, and don’t try to force them to wear anything that upsets them.

Pick the right time. We also recommend waiting until your cat is in the right frame of mind to wear something like this. In our case, we waited for Manny to go belly-up on his own, and then we gently put the bikini on him and arranged it. If he continued to stay belly-up and seemed happy, we kept the bikini draped on him. If he rolled over, we took that to mean it wasn’t the right time, and we put the bikini away.

Bottoms up! While these bikinis don’t come with a “bottom,” you can do what we did: If you’re planning to drape the bikini over your cat, you can cut the lower two kittynip covers off and fashion them into a “bikini bottom.” Check out how it looks on Manny in the photos of him wearing the red cat bikini. Or you can just have kitty go commando! You can see how that looks in photos of Manny wearing the green bikini.

Quick aesthetic tip: To make the cat bikini look nicer in photos, we gently tucked the strings under Manny.

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Cat bikini

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